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Monday, 3 September 2018

My Review of Ready2Robot Single Pods

The Ready 2 Robot Single pods!
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NOTE: Apologies for crudeness of the pictures, I initially filmed the unboxing for youtube and the sound from the webcam ended up being terrible, hence me now using the screen captures instead.

This post is all about these great new Surprise pods, They are priced at £10 and are created by the people that brought you the now infamous LOL surprise dolls, which are still flying off the shelves and they're now onto their Forth incarnation of Surprise Balls.

Primarily sold in Smyths Toystores, though I'm now seeing these pop up in outlets such as Argos, Amazon, The Entertainer (I'm sure alot more too!), but Smyths Toys have the big partnership and are being featured in the adverts on TV.

You may have also seen these advertised during the Power Hour of Cartoon Network, with Teen Titans Go!

Oh! Not to mention the MINI WEBISODES! which feature all the characters too!

Anyway, back to these pods, the idea is simple, you unzip the pods in the same way you do with the LOL dolls.

The pods themselves come in several different colours.. Various Grey's, black, yellow, gold.. I think that's what I've found so far. The first section of the pod can be linked together to act as a stand for the robot, but in all honesty I don't know what to do with the rest of the pod.. and then there's also quite a few of the bags for the pieces so your recycle bags will definitely come in handy!!  

There are four sections, with different parts of a robot (Each piece in little bags to open) Which can then be put together and switched and swapped with other robots.. , this really is the fun part.

There's something about opening a toy where you don't quite know which one you're going to get.. I think it comes from my sticker collecting days where you pray for that few last stickers and want to go out and buy ANOTHER pack once you find a few doubles.. Exciting stuff!

There's also a neat pot of slime which hides away your Robots' driver! These are great and there's LOTS to collect! 50+!

For this box opening I actually opened up 3 pods and therefore 3 robots, drivers and SLIIIIIME! 

 As you can probably see from some of the above pictures, I've already bought quite a few of these and I also have a few swaps too. The great part is that even if you have swaps you can find people in social media to swap with! 

I'm part of a couple of facebook groups specifically for swapping!! 


Click on the following links to BUY now from online stores!!

Thursday, 30 August 2018


Hello Everyone!

Good news! (Hopefully!) I'm coming out of hiatus to reveiw toys! WOOHOO! I hear you cry.. kinda.. I hope..

After a small spate of Star Wars Toy's /News based podcasts, and also in between my creation of my Voice Over website and start of my voiceover career, I've decided to come out of hiatus and start up my blog for reviewing toys!!

If you require Commercial, Corporate Narration or E-learning Voice Over for something, please do contact me via my business site :

Catch you later!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Scavenger UK Podcast Episode 8 Is NOW LIVE!!


This months Episode, consists of a full review of my time at the Propel Drones Press Event, tons of Star Wars goodies for your Christmas Lists and also all the usual DeAgostini, magazines reviews and my Son's Fun Fact!!  Also watch out for my CHRISTMAS COMPETITION!!
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